I've Been Seeing Someone Else.   

I need to tell you something.

Oh. Is everything OK?

I've been seeing someone else.

I feel sick.

It's not another woman.

... you're seeing a man?

No. It's just that she's not real, technically.

What the fuck are you talking about?

It's someone I dream about.

Who? Are you dreaming about your ex?

No. It's not someone from my waking life. She only exists in my dream as far as I know.

Why are you telling me this? I dream about other guys sometimes, I don't tell you about it.

I'm in love with her. I want to be exclusive with her. She isn't OK with us staying together.

You're an asshole. And you've lost your mind. Dreams aren't real. You can't be in love with someone who only exists in dreams.

How do you know you're not dreaming right now?

Don't start. I'm going to bed.

Seriously though. How do you know?

Because in my dreams things are always distorted.

How so?

Last night I was in was back home in Iowa, but it wasn't my house. It felt like my house but it wasn't.

Isn't this conversation a distortion, just like that? Would this 'really' happen?

It's distorted alright. But this conversation is taking place between me and you, in our apartment after a day at work just like a thousand other days.

You've had just as many dreams though, right?

Yeah, but they're not connected like my waking life is. One night I'm in Iowa, the next night I'm scuba-diving.

Why is connectedness the criteria for what's real?


The girl in my dreams thinks that you're the girl in my dreams.